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Left 4 Dead: Guam 2

(Arm Up)

They pull up to F. L. Moylans Gun, Ammo, & Knives. "Stay here Sus, we'll be quick. Joe look for a crowbar in the trunk.", Stephen says as he steps out of the car. He pops the trunk and Joe runs to the back and finds a crowbar and a screwdriver. "Okay I got it." Joseph tells Stephen as he runs to meet him at the entrance. They walk in and see the cashier. "Hello, um... Can I help you two?" the clerk says nervously. Stephen replies as Joe hands him the screwdriver, "We're robbing you. Give us all your shit and you'll be okay." "Sorry sir but I can't do that, please leave." "To bad, Joe start taking the guns to the car." With a quick swing the display case is broken and Joseph begins to take out the guns to the black car. "Hey! Stop that!" the clerk says as he rushes to push the alarm. Stephen rushes to the clerk and stabs him, hitting right under his ribs, sending the man into a scream of pain. Two more stabs and he falls silent. "Hate that it had to be like this." Stephen whispers to the man. "May God hold place for you, rest in peace." Stephen says as he closes the mans eyes. It's then that Joe runs in and yells, "Hey, Ezio, we gotta go! They are already all over the place!" "Shut the fuck up bitch, had to show respect." he responds as he gets up. "Ugh! Fine let's just hurry up!" The two move, and within minutes, the guns and ammo were evenly divided. "Alright! Not a .50 Cal but it'll do!" Stephen says as he gets into the trios newly acquired red 4x4 truck. "Steve! Where do we head now?" Joe asks from the drivers seat of the Versa. "We're heading to Tali, we have to get someone." he replies. "Gee, I wonder who." "If you have to wonder then your retarded, I'll lead."

They take off as Sus tries to load a shotgun as they hit constant bumps on the road, heading to Talofofo. They reach Sinajana; it seemingly unchanged. They pull over,"At least it's spreading slowly.", Joe says to Stephen and Sus. "Eyhehehee!", comes from out of nowhere. "What the fuck?!" Jesus says, shotgun raised. Suddenly a hunched, human-like creature comes running and jumps on Joseph's head. Stephen and Sus watch in shock as it wrangles Joe around as he tries to get it off. Not knowing what to do, Stephen takes a pistol and attempts to get Joe to hold still. He finally stops in one spot and Stephen lines the crosshairs on the things back. A loud bang ends the little scruff, the dead hunchback on the ground. "What. The. Fuck. What took you so damn long?!" Joe says as he begins to wipe the blood off of his face. Stephen replies,"I didn't want to fucking shoot you, asshole!" "Well then next time give ME the gun and I'll do it myself!" "Fine, and then you shoot yourself... Emo bastard."

"Um... Guys?", Jesus interrupts. "What?!", they both reply. "There's um... a Tank coming this way." Stephen panics, "Holyshit! Get in the car! Go! Go! Go! Sus! Get in the bed of the truck and shoot the damn thing!" "What the fuck?! Fuck that shit!", he replies. "NOW!" "Fuck! Fine!" Joe runs to the car as Stephen gets into the truck and Sus gets into the bed of it. They start up the vehicles as Sus prepares a rifle. They take off speeding down the road. The Tank charges at them, everything in it's way being thrown in all directions. Speeding off, they try to dodge the falling debris. With Jesus firing at it while trying not to fall out, he gets a few shots in... out of many. Stephen slams on the breaks, causing Sus to fall back on there miniature armory. "Fire now Sus!" Stephen yells at the top of his lungs. "Okay you fucker!" he responds as he aims carefully down the sights. The world comes to a stand still as Jesus pulls the trigger, the bullet spins out of the barrel and heads towards it's future victim... until it misses. It scratches the Tank on its right shoulder but leaves him completely unaffected. "Oh God dammit." Jesus says frustrated and tired. Stephen turns the truck around, Sus nearly falling out of the bed. Stephen then jumps out of the truck and stumbles to his feet. Joe stomps on the brakes as well, causing the bumper to scratch on the road. Joseph grabs a rifle in the back as Stephen grabs a pistol. Now the two stand side by side facing the oncoming Tank as Sus climbs out. Thirty-two feet away, the Tank charges while the three line up and prepare for a fight. Sus stays put, firing his shotgun at it as Stephen moves to the right. Joe runs left using a single shot rifle, firing and reloading like crazy. The Tank focuses on Sus and passes Stephen, that's when Stephen runs on top of the hood of a red car and tries to jump ontop of the Tanks shoulders. But misses and ends up grabbing it's left ankle. Sus turns and runs for his life as Joe continues to fire. Stephen reaches for the pistol in his pocket as he goes into the air and meets the ground every time the Tank takes a step.

He takes it and aims for the leg and unloads his gun on the thing. It stops suddenly and roars as it feels the tickle on it's leg turn into a stabbing pain. It then grabs Stephen and throws him away like a piece of paper, he ends up landing on a car next to Joe. "Sorry I didn't catch you." Joe says smugly. Stephen then replies with a nice, "Fuck you." as he aches and tries to get back up. He dusts himself off and realizes he no longer has his gun. The Tank drags it's left leg as it begins to charge again towards Stephen and Joe. Sus sees his opening he runs towards the crippled Tank with all he can. When he gets close the Tank turns at the sound of a gun cocking. With barrel meeting the eye, Sus pulls the trigger. The conflict ends with a huge thud on the ground. The place is silent except to the panting of fatigue coming from the three. A roar is heard; the three look up to see a horde of the undead coming at them. "A shit.", Joe says pissed. "What do we do now!" Jesus says next. Stephen then replies, "We get to the car and truck and get the hell away." They jump into the vehicles and start speeding off, heading to Yona.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am 19 years old going to SHS, bad at drawing, and quit for a long time, but I'm slowly getting back into it, so you can expect some weird drawings in the future... not near but close enough aye? Been doing some writing, doing Halo fan fiction now to get me warmed up to tell my own story.

Current Residence: Santa Rita
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I wouldn't know :/
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Emo/Punk/Screamo/Alternative
Favourite photographer: Me and Mariano :P
Favourite style of art: All kinds interest me.
Operating System: Window's Vista -_-
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Shell of choice:
Wallpaper of choice: Depends on what you mean by wallpaper -_-
Skin of choice: Well...I'm
Favourite cartoon character: if anime's count then Cloud Strife and Gaara!
Personal Quote: "Only true friend's would want to kill you ^-^"


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